Saturday, April 10, 2010

News Flash: PHP Documenters Insane!!!!

The PHP documentation has gone from very useful to hideously obstructive.

The people who are rearranging the doc into little, tiny chunks which are hyperlinked all over the place obviously never write code.

I just spent 10 minutes trying to find the name of an IO Exception so I can use it in some code I'm writing.

Old Doc:

  1. I would go to the index, click on Exceptions and then scroll down the page (or do a find on IO) and there it would be. 10 seconds tops.

New Doc:
  1. Go to the index click on Predefined Exceptions
  2. Click on Exception - find description of Exception Object - info not there
  3. Back Button
  4. Click on Error Exception - find description of Generic ErrorExeption object
  5. Back Button
  6. Click on SPL Exceptions (what the hell is this? - something new?)
  7. Look at Table of contents: 13 Exception Categories - none of which
  8. looks like an IOException
  9. Click on Predefined Exceptions in the See Also -
  10. Back to Previous Useless Page - And Repeat

First they completely screw up the Perl Regular Expression page by chopping it into tiny, obscure chunks and now you destroy the exception documentation.

To the PHP Documentation Project:

PLEASE put it back the way it was.

Or get somebody who actually uses this stuff like a handbook while writing code to fix it

Or shoot somebody.

To Everybody Else:

Maybe the documentation people have stock in a book company and want the reference books to succeed by making the online Doc unusable?

All I can say is that the way they are going is really going to help Rails and Django.

What do you think?

P.S. Please Send a Nasty Note to the Gods of PHP

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