Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Apple Non-Useability. Is Apple Copying Microsoft?

I don't get it

Apple folks almost invented Usability testing and analysis. Tog, Nielsen, whoever else.

I just upgraded to Snow Leopard. It runs faster but . . .

- Preview defaults to pdf displays that are Too Big. I wasted 1/2 hour fiddling around finding controls. AND there's not little box that says what size the image is. Is that too much to ask?

- iTunes doesn't seem to be searchable. Looks like Apple folks are so enamored with graphics that they've forgotten that some of us might want to find what we want - Not what the Staff likes most or the newest or most popular. The browser thing is hidden in the View dropdown under 'Show Column Broser'.

I'm not too crazy about iCal 'improvements', but that went south when I switched from Tiger. I don't use Mail - Thunderbird instead. Mail kept hiding my e-mail someplace that I couldn't find.

Same thing with iPhoto - I use Adobe because it doesn't force me to use Apple's 'libraries' - when there is a perfectly good file system.

There's more, but that's more than enough carping for now.

Apple is getting closer to being the New Microsoft.

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