Friday, November 9, 2007

Me and the Leopard

I installed Mac OS X 10.5 - aka Leopard - last Saturday (or was it Sunday) and just now finished reverting to 10.4.10. Boy oh Boy, has it been non-Fun.

Well, it was really my own fault. I know better than to install the initial release of anything, but, I'll admit it, I got lulled into wanting it - salivating even - by listening to Steve the Jobs extol Leopard's features. He's really right: they are really neat, look great, and will make using the machine so much easier. So when Leopard came out, I pounced.

Anyway, skippin’ the boring details:
  • Printing to my HP All-in-one died dramatically
  • Time machine doesn't work across a LAN w/o OS X Server - for another $500
  • 'admin' accounts spontaneously became 'standard - Twice
So I got scared and spent the next three days reverting back to Tiger. (I finally did an Erase and Install and reinstalled/rebuilt everything)

I'm waiting for 10.5.1, and then I'll try it again - maybe.

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